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The Tell Tale Heart

crossed heart

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So, yesterday my heart decided to do one of those things again where it forgot how to be a real heart and thought that maybe it lived inside the body of the Flash, and zipped up to 226 beats a minute.

Luckily, I was at work when it happened (unless work is somehow triggering it, since all my episodes have been at work?) and they took me down to the emergency department, again, only this time shit got real faster and they cut my scrub top off of me and put defib paddles on ‘just in case’.

Actually luckily, it converted after that, dropping down into the 120′s for a bit before it chilled out and hung out in the 105s, before going back to my normal 80′s rate. I was very happy to have skipped getting adenosine again, because That Sucks.

I had to hang out for a few hours before all my lab results came back normal, again. I haven’t even had my follow up appt from the cardiologist for the first one yet, it’s not until the end of August, so the only thing I can see that might be causing it is ever so slightly low potassium (nothing I would even worry about at work in a patient :P), so in the interests of Health! I’ll be eating half an avocado a day on principle (and also because I really like avocados. ;))

It’s interesting to note that having been psychologically ‘I wish I could die’ at many times in the past when I was depressed, that the physiological equivalent of ‘I might really die’ is quite different, and good at putting things in perspective.

So I spent some time laying in bed this morning thinking about things, and what’s nice, is that I’m happy. My life is pretty awesome. Everyone that I love knows that I care about them, without doubt, my husband, my family, my friends. I don’t have any bitterness or anger or regret, I’ve done a decent amount of good in the world through nursing and fiction. I’ve gotten to pretty much live out my dream, and I’ve gotten the chance to share some of those dreams with some of you. I may not have conquered as thoroughly or as broadly as I might have liked, but I also might never get to go to Europe, so hey. Not everyone gets what they want — its making the most of what we have that matters.

I’m taking tomorrow off work at my husband’s request, although I feel pretty fine now and am out at a coffee shop (drinking decaf, I swear) and hanging with a friend. Like I said, life is good.



The Hunted done!

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The Hunted - High ResolutionFinished my draft of The Hunted tonight! Now to reread it all from the beginning on Tues/Thurs and make sure that it makes sense, and then send it out to some people before it goes off to the formatting mines!

I’m feeling pretty good about it. I think I accomplished a lot of plot in a little amount of time, and I’m hoping that future readers agree :D.

This is my second book in my Sleeping with Monsters series (which is only a series by the loosest definition of the term) and it’s about werewolves and gangsters and revenge :D.

In other news, since it’s been awhile, life is good! I’ve been working a lot and writing a ton (obviously!) and I got notes back on my YA that I’m taking two weeks off later in the month to try and knock out of the park. I’m also trying to see more friends while the weather’s gorgeous and I’m finally living the dayshift life ;).

I got into Japantown in SF on Friday and finally got to see the Aqua Forest Aquarium store. I was walking back from a coffeeshop writing date with a friend, and THERE IT WAS. Angels started singing, y’all. Anyone who has planted tanks knows that Amano is the mothership of all tanks planted, and Aqua Forest is their only local store.

I had a planted aquarium tank that I loved for years, but then when I left my ex I had to leave it behind. That, plus never having anywhere permanent to live for a long time, meant it’s been awhile since I had fish — until now. I’ve got a betta living the high-life in a 6 gallon Fluval Edge, all to himself, with a smattering of live plants and wood. This is my clever way of introducing my husband to the idea with a tank set up that’s pretty indestructible — so that eventually I can be all, “You know…I’ve always wanted a 120 gallon pond in my living room.” Muahaha!

Anyhow, just walking past the store and getting sucked in — I dunno, it felt charmed somehow. Here was this thing that I thought I could never get/do again for so long, only I’m doing it (albeit on a very small scale!) and soon I can do it again in a big way — and I can even go there to buy the real stuff! (Once I can afford all the set-up guiltfree, which’ll be a bit, since the tank I want is pretty $$$.) It was just so nice. I’m slowly realizing that I’m kind of living the life I always dreamed. Working part-time, writing whatever I feel like, finally living in a real house — life isn’t perfect, and I wish friends/relatives were closer, but it’s damned near close.

Anyhow! Probably more radio silence over here while I start working away on the next thing. I have a short story due to a friend, and then I’m going to work on a novella for my Tales from the House series, so that I can still have a new release out while I’m doing my YA-age. We’ll see how that goes, it’s OK if it slips off the plate ;).


The Haunted is out now!

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Haunted - High Resolution

The Haunted is out now! In the wild and everything! :D

I can’t believe I have two erotica books out there now. (And that I’ve released three books in the past two months, ha!)

Now to keep working on The Hunted, which is the next one. It’s coming along brilliantly (she says, still needing to write the last ten k or so words ;))

Bloodshifted is OUT! :D

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In the wild! Like a pokemon! You can catch it anywhere online, or in a real life bookstore! YAY! :D


Bloodshifted — almost out!

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Bloodshifted, the final book in the Edie Spence series, is alllllmost out! :D


The reader response on this one so far has been pretty darn fantastic. I’m very pleased that it’s getting its moment in the sun, and trying not to have all the feels in the world about it being the last one.

When I turned it in, I did so assuming that I’d be getting the chance to write additional books in the series. And so while it has a book ending, it does not have the epic series ending that the series deserves. Which is why people are already asking me if there’s gonna be a sequel. At this point, I really don’t know. I have all the sequel stuff going on, up in my head, and I’d love to write it — but I only have so much free time, currently. Y’all don’t understand how much hustling behind the scenes I’m doing right now, trying to get my erotica career to kick off, and waiting on pins and needles to hear back from my agent about my YA.

If either of those things take off, full steam ahead, then I can stop working extra shifts, and then I would have time to write Dayshifted. (See?!?! I already know what it’d be called. *sob*.) But if they don’t, then I am where I am, writing my ass off until the next big thing takes.

It is no lack of love or enthusiasm for Edie that’s stopping me. It’s just that it’s far easier to ‘hit’ with something new than it is to flog life into a pre-existing property. And so while I love that Edie has a small and dedicated fanbase, I also have to take things into consideration like ‘how much free time I currently have’ and ‘do I like to eat and/or pay bills?’

I do hope you enjoy Bloodshifted, it’s a great book, and totally worth your time. As for a series-ending, trust me, no one’s hurt more by this than I am.



the week (and a half or so) in review ;)

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I’ve been busy pretty much every day since The House came out! I had a few glorious days there high on assorted lists (so thanks for buying it, newsletter subscribers! ;)) and now excellent reviews are popping up as more people read it, which I’m thrilled by :D. Tonight friends of mine are going to perform part of it in San Fransisco at a naked reading event, which I am tickled pink about. I can’t be there, I’ve got to attend a wedding, but they’ll tell me how it went I’m sure! :D

So last week I injured my back :P. Again? you ask. No, this time in a different place. I was at work, and I bent over, and I felt something shimmy in my hip — I hurt my SI joint :P. I picked up an extra day of work and then I drove in to the doctor on an off day, and then I had a ton of traffic the day after that — I’m pretty sure it was all of my commuting that did it, bah. And then there was some irony on Weds of this week, driving in to the doctor again to get a drs note so that I wouldn’t have to drive in to work again till Weds this upcoming week. I bought a special seat thing for it and am using tons of ice and alleve and hopefully it’ll straighten out asap. It does feel better incrementally each day which is good because nothing freaks me out as much as back pain, after the 2.5 months I had to take off two years ago (and use a walker to walk, and do significant PT,  etc. As my husband threatens when I work too hard “Do you want to use the high chair toilet seat again?” And I’m always, nooooooooo.)

My folks visited for a few days, which was lovely, and I’ve been writing up a storm. I did 4000 on The Hunted right before they came…and then lost it somehow (I know, I don’t know how either, it’s insane :P) but between yesterday and some effort today, I’ll be caught back up again and then pressing onwards.

Tonight’s wedding should be awesome (even if I am missing naked people reading my book for it :P ;)) — it’s one of my husband’s coworkers who is way into superheros. We’re all going to be dressed normally for the wedding, but then switch into superhero t-shirts for the reception :D.

Then all weekend healing and writing and soon enough back to work! The Haunted is out being formatted, and I want to have The Hunted done by the end of this month, so I’d better get cracking now :D.

The House is now Live!!!!

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The House — my choose your own adventure erotica novel — went live yesterday on Amazon and appears to be glitch free, so I’m hyping it up now! :D

The House

This is the cover we wound up going with — and people are checking it out and buying it already which is freaky cool and awesome!

I’m very stoked. I never thought that a silly exercise in creating a choose your own adventure — where no one died! which is really hard! That’s why you died so often when you read them as a kid! ;) — would wind up being a real book that I’m immensely proud of :D.

Now, back to writing on The Hunted!


Good-bye, Jay

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So I wrote up a Maleficent review to post today with pix, but since I found out Jay Lake passed last night, I don’t feel like sharing it today.

Jay was one of those people that you felt you’d known your whole life, even when you barely knew him. He was charismatic, magnetic, smart as hell, and honorable as fuck. We broke a bed once together (there were other people involved!) and he went swimming with us at Clarion West. He was going to be gone when I was driving home from CW, but he gave me a house key so that I could crash for a night in Portland instead of drive straight for 14 hours home — that was the kind of guy he was.

I was really lucky to get to know him over the past ten years, on and off at conventions, when he visited SF, and at writing retreats. He was always kind and wise, and had the best writing advice of anyone on the planet.

Y’all might remember my Jay Lake tub post from awhile back — I still have that napkin.

Would that I could reach the end of my own life as gracious and well loved as him, after having made a difference in so many people’s lives.

Love you Jay, and good-night.


Started The Hunted & Today’s Maleficent!

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So today I started working on my 18th book in earnest. (Yesterday, I just transcribed recorded notes for it off of my phone ;)). I’m up to 5k today. I’m just doing sketchy outlines of where I want the book to go, snippets of scenes I want to get to, but it feels good.

I can’t believe I’ve done this 18 times. I suddenly feel very old, heh.

The Hunted’s going to be the 2nd book in my Sleeping with Monsters series, and it’ll be coming out in August.

Now, onto today’s Maleficent! We’re an exciting two days away from the movie!!!

group villains

It’s another group snowglobe, but since two of them are Maleficent it’s OK ;)

Today’s Maleficents!

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Sorry, skipped a day, had a weird health thing (see yesterday’s facebook and/or twitter griping ;)) — and now I need to triple up because Maleficent’s only 3 days away!

maleficient 2

This is also one of my favorite Maleficents ;) — I have a lot of favorites, what can I say! ;) — and it has a rotating top so you can put treasures inside the chamber underneath. (I think it’s full of Maleficent pins at the moment.)

And here’s another Maleficent for you — a close up –

maleficient 3

This is the top of a combo snowglobe, which I’m of two minds on. I love stuff that’s just Maleficent so much more than combo villain items, and it really irritates me when they just put all the villains in a group together, to cast such a wide net, when I really just want stuff with her. But I understand that if they don’t do that….

maleficient 4

Then Chernabog never gets to come out to play. And he deserves some time in the spot light too!

I just wish there were enough of a market for all the individual villains that they could have separate ones all the time. I’ve never seen a good Ursula snowglobe ever, for instance, and I would buy that sucker in a heartbeat if there was one. Same for Jafar. Anyhow, though ;) –

I’m facing a blank page today. It’s been awhile. I feel really rusty at this. Which is ridiculous, because it’s only like my 18th book ever written. (I know. I KNOW. I feel old.) I could take a day off — and, after my health scare yesterday, some would say should :P — but that’s only because those people don’t know how hard it is to get back on the horse, each day longer that you’re out of the saddle. Starting up again tomorrow would only be more stressful for me than just getting work done now, honestly.

Plus, I already bought a cover for my next erotica, which is gonna be The Hunted. So I should play with that some, and then maybe also work on the Dark Man’s Concerto (the next in my Tales from The House series ;)).

The upshot of staying busy will be not biting all my nails off while I wait for my agent to read my YA ;)


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